Pediatric Dentistry

What it is. Comprehensive dental care for children and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. The Dental Clinic of Marshfield SC provides

  • primary care - check ups, cleanings, preventative, diagnostic and restorative services
  • referral services
  • consultation services
  • hospital dental care

When and why it's needed. Pediatric dental care is needed from day one to ensure good, lifelong dental health and habits. The Dental Clinic of Marshfield SC provides professionals dedicated solely to pediatric care - addressing everything from teething babies and giving up pacifiers, to healthy eating habits, sealants, mouth guards and braces.  

Who we are. Pediatric dentists are developmental dentists specially trained to meet the unique health needs of children and to monitor, identify and correct oral health problems as children grow. We are trained to 

  • make children feel safe and comfortable
  • develop relationships with children
  • address each child's unique needs
  • assess changes in oral health based upon growth patterns and general health
  • teach children about prevention and responsible oral health
  • educate parents about good dental health

FAQs. Parents have questions, we have answers.

At what age should I schedule my toddler’s first dental visit?
We recommend that you should schedule your child’s first dental visit at about 1 year. Remember, baby teeth do matter!

Can parents do anything to prevent cavities in young children?
Yes.  Limit daily exposure to high sugar foods and drinks that cause tooth decay and brush your child’s teeth and gums every day to prevent plaque build up.  Choose healthy snacks and limit to less than three each day.

Are there things to watch for to help detect cavities or other dental problems?
A chalky white line that appears along the gum line could mean acid has begun to destroy the enamel of your child’s teeth.  If left untreated, these can become cavities quickly.  If you see white spots or lines along the gum line of your child’s teeth, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.