Cosmetic Dentistry

What it is. The art and science of creating a perfect smile.

When and why it's needed. Cosmetic dentistry involves many elective procedures to produce a beautiful and healthy smile. Your dentist devises a treatment plan to meet your esthetic and oral health goals. Procedures typically include tooth whitening, veneers, crowns and tooth-colored restorations.

Before & After

In the realm of modern dentistry, there is no problem too big or too small that cannot be corrected with careful treatment planning.

Patient #1

Even in somewhat simpler cosmetic cases, careful planning will
allow the best esthetics and satisfaction for the client. 

Patient #2

Patients who present with challenging situations often think their teeth cannot be saved. Often, careful treatment planning and dietary changes, along with improvement in home oral hygiene, result in excellent results as this shows.  This patient was a soda abuser for many years.  He finally realized that it was destroying his teeth, and was considering full dentures.  As the results show, his teeth are functional and esthetic, and he was extremely pleased to save his own teeth.

Patient #3

Patient #4

Photos courtesy of the Dental Clinic of Marshfield